Participation in photo album

With 15 photos Nikiforakis Michael participates in the photo album that Hellenic photographic society of Crete has brought out - a colorful photo album, titled “18 Photographers – International Exhibitors”. The album is a representative sample of the work of 18 of its members, which have various distinctions and awards in international artistic photographic competitions. Moreover, these people apart from representing Crete as well as Greece, have helped towards giving the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete the reputation it enjoys today. Through their admirable and multi-prized work they constitute worthy ambassadors of our country in the field of artistic photography around the world.

The participans are:

Almpanis Nikitas

Almpanis Fanis

Antonakakis Manolis AFIAP

Aspradaki katerina AFIAP

Ergazakis Manolis

Kapoglou Paulos

Koulatsoglou Kostas EFIAP

Markoglou Giorgos AFIAP

Markogkoy Dimitris

Metzakis Manolis EFIAP/b

Nikiforakis Michel EFIAP

Nikiforakis Polichronis AFIAP

Nikolaou NIkos

Pagomenos Giorgos

Papadakis Manolis EFIAP

Tsantakis MAnolis

Fragkiadakis Manolis